A Place to Hurt, A Place to Hold is an interactive BDSM Queer Romance story about dragons that takes place in the world of Dragon Moms. (You do not need to have read the story in order to understand this one, as the events are not directly connected. But it's very fun and cute and free! So maybe do that sometime!) It's a story that is loving and positive, but has some heavy themes and explicit sexual content. Please make sure you check the content warnings in game before playing if you are sensitive to anything along those lines.

There are no "wrong" answers, so please, pick whatever feels right to you. All routes end in a happy ending. The game is over 50,000 words long, so it may take you some time to complete. I also highly recommend you use the fullscreen button in the bottom right when playing.

I hope you enjoy my story! If you do, please consider passing it on to a friend or throwing me a small donation.